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OCTA-RING was designed and invented by Navy Electronics Technician Senior Chief Andrew Edwards. He was frustrated by the poor design of the current 8 point cover shapers and suggested there had to be an easier and better way that sailors and service members could square away their covers. That thought inspired him to find a solution to this problem, and after multiple designs and five prototypes later, OCTA-RING was born.

"I take great pride in what I do, and how I wear my uniform is a direct reflection of that  pride. However, I had a hard time squaring away my 8 point cover as the current available shaper was too flimsy and simply did not work. I would often find myself constantly adjusting my cover as I was very conscious of it. I have seen many of my Sailors try to create solutions of their own from bent hangers to cardboard cutouts with varying success. With my CAD design experience, I decided to take a shot at it myself to create a solution to this problem. After six months and five prototypes, we perfected it by creating an 8 Point cover that actually works!"

At OCTA-RING, we pride ourselves in providing quality products and solutions that improve the overall appearance and professionalism of our men and women serving in uniform.