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Custom Order

Thank you for your interest in placing a custom order with Octa-Ring. Octa-Ring is committed to serving our customers with top quality products. We offer customization options as a way to meet the unique needs of our individual customers. Here is information about what to expect from the order process and how you can help us fulfill your orders.

1. Customer orders are volumes of 100 or more (Special pricing for repeat customers).
2. Custom orders can take up to 2-3 business days to process
3. Large volume orders will be in the color Gray unless requested otherwise
4. All custom orders are final and products are not refundable or exchangeable
5. A complete order form must be submitted to process each custom request
6. Shipping will be additional for all custom orders, which will be calculated per weight.

To place a custom order, please complete the order form and mail or email to the information below. A Customer Service Representative will then contact you for confirmation and billing.